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Quintessential Portuguese
Português Quintessencial

Tiles | Azulejos

Azulejos is a form of painted, glazed ceramic tile-work. In other words, eye candy to the Nth degree. Using techniques developed as far back as the 13th century, exemplary Portuguese artisans painted panels of tiles with some of the most stunning patterns, dramatic scenes and wildlife. Adorn your surroundings with beautiful and colorful Azulejos-themed textiles.

Sardines | Sardinhas

Fresh, succulent, plump, salted sardines grilling on charcoal, filling the air with a smokey, delectable aroma that makes the mouth water and the insides happy. This is Portugal from May through October. Layer the perfectly juicy delight on a thick slice of fresh bread — it doesn't get any better than this. Imagine what fun it is to have playful sardines in your home, regardless of the season!

Love | Amor

Portugal is a beautiful country full of romantic places. Back in the day, when love was in the air, young women would embroider the handkerchiefs of their sweethearts with phrases professing their love. The tradition carries on with a playful and sweet design known as namorados or sweethearts. Surrounded yourself and your home with sweet love / namorados textiles.