Embroidered Rooster
Tea Towels

Toalhas de Cozinha
Galo Grande Bordado


These tea towels are just gorgeous, and their simplistic and elegant design beautifully illustrates the most iconic symbol of Portugal – the rooster.

These tea towels are so beautiful, they’re almost too nice to be a used in the kitchen. So why not bring quality into your home (you’re so worth it, Baby! ), and while you’re at it, get a set for the bathroom as they’re fantastic, gorgeous hand towels.

Zoom into the images to see the extremely high-quality fabric and gorgeous embroidery. These towels exemplify quality and workmanship.

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Appliquéd and embroidered Large Rooster Tea Towels | Toalhas de Cozhina com Galo Grande

  • Beautiful, extremely high-quality kitchen / tea / hand towels
  • Money-saving set of three towels
  • Heavy-weight 100% cotton, with a jacquard waffle pattern of diamonds / squares. Please note the black areas of the rooster’s body contain a foam-like material to give it structure and lift. The item is machine washable; care instructions are provided with the purchase.
  • The towels are white, and the trim color of the towels are either turquoise, green or orange. Colors apply to the bands of trim above and below the rooster and “Portugal,” which are embroidered in the same color as the band. Each set contains three white towels with one of each color trim in turquoise, green and orange (no duplicate colors will be sent in a set).
  • Approximately 19″ x 27″ (50cm x 70cm) – see important note below about sizes
  • Combine other items into one purchase and save money in shipping

Important Notes

  • The shipping fee for one set of three towels is $9.95 (within in the US only), regardless of what the website calculates. Remember – we refund any overages in shipping.
  • We ship via USPS Priority Mail. If you have any questions about shipping rates, please contact us
  • Combine items into one purchase and save money in shipping
  • All sizes are approximate. PortugalStyle does not guarantee exact sizes listed. Adding this item to the cart deems acceptance of this disclaimer.

Muito Obrigado!
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