Easter Sunday

Portuguese Classes @ IDESST Sausalito Portuguese Cultural Center

Welcome to the Easter Sunday Class Survey!


Thank you very much for your participation in our student surveys.  Your time and assistance are greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions, please email Jennifer.

Muito Obrigada!


This survey will close on midnight, Saturday, February 22; your answers will not be made public to the class or others.

Since the last class falls on Sunday, April 21, I am exploring the possibility of moving up the last class (by a day) to Saturday, April 20th.  The ability to do this is dependent upon whether the facility is available on the 20th, and I will not know the answer until around mid-March.

If the Hall is available on the 20th, I will move the class *only* if the majority of all survey respondents wants it moved.  Thus, please answer the following:

I would like the last day of class to be moved from Sunday (Easter), April 21 to Saturday, April 20th (the day before Easter).

I realize it's early in the semester to ask this question, but I must do so now for planning purposes.

We are thinking of extending the semester to five additional classes / weeks beyond the original 10-week program.  The cost to attend five more classes is $117.50, which is the same per-class fee as the full 10-week term ($23.50 / class).  The minimum number of students (all levels combined) required to extend the semester is 10.

Thus, please confirm if you are interested in attending an additional five sessions, starting approximately May 5th.  If you can please share your thoughts, whatever is your answer, regarding a 10 vs 15-week session; this would be very helpful for me for future planning.



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